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This  is really more about you, but you should know a little about who we are and why we created the IronPoint Agent membership programs.

Get to Know our Founder Scott Boren

The IronPoint Agent membership programs were built to provide producer with the advantages of all the primary distribution channels. You get the breadth of product from the Independent channel, the consultative sales process of Captive, and the option enroll in the Agency Marketing Machine, to get some of the marketing benefits of the Direct channel.

Carrier Access

We work with over 20 national carriers, and some regional, to provide you the breadth of product to allow you to sell better products, to more customers.

The Consultative Sales Process

If you aren’t already familiar, we provide all our members with training on the best way to sell preferred personal & commercial lines.

Killer Technology

We have partnered with InsuredMind to get our members the best technology to manage the new business sales process, and maximize your cross-sell opportunities.

Agency Marketing Machine

Our partnership with Agency Marketing Machine provides opportunities for our members to enroll in one of the nation’s best marketing systems, exclusive designed for insurance agents, so you can get a steady stream of new business opportunities.

The IronPoint Agent Philosophy

The Agent Comes First

It’s About You

We provide the tools, training, and know-how to compliment what you already have. We’re merely here to help you succeed.

Fast Turn-Around Times

We’re Part of Your Staff

We’re here to help you get new policies sold, provide you with products, and must keep delivering value. You should feel like you have an entire support staff dedicated to you.

Always be Marketing

Turn On the Marketing Machine

Too many agents have neglected marketing, but to succeed you need a system. We believe that small insurance agencies have certain advantages that can be exploited when marketing. We offer these tools!

IronPoint Agent Programs

Breadth of Product

More Products Equals Better Customers

If you offer more products, and you have good marketing system, you should be able to convert more of the good customers you’re quoting. This is just simple stuff.

Technology Changes the Game

Adapt and Succeed

There is good tech, and there is bad, insurance agents need to use the tech that will improve customer acquisition and retention. That’s just smarts!

Customer Lifetime Value

Retention is Profits

The large companies are using sophisticated models to predict the most durable and profitable customers. There is no reason why agents shouldn’t know this information too.

No Better Time than Now, Let’s Get Started

Let’s Meet and Get to Know Each Other

IronPoint Agent Programs
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