How It All Works

This is an important choice, so please review and get familiar with the program.

Membership Options

We know it’s not a one-size-fits-all for each member agency, so we offer choice. Depending on how you want to work with us, we can offer more or less benefits.  All Affiliate members will get to access our partner carriers!

Access Only

One-Time Membership Fee
  • Direct Carrier Access
  • Personal Lines
  • Commercial Lines
  • Underwriter Assistance
  • Service Center Assistance

Access Plus

One-Time Membership Fee

All the benefits of Access Only.

You can also choose from one of the two benefit options.

  • Agency Marketing Machine
  • InsuredMine

Access +2

One-Time Membership Fee

All the benefits of Access Only.

Members who select Access +2 will also be enrolled in both Agency Marketing Machine and InsuredMine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IronPoint Insurance Services?

IronPoint Insurance Services is the agency that created this membership program. We aren’t an aggregator, rather, we’re a membership organization.

We offer programs that allow members to access personal and commercial product offered by our partner insurance carriers.

Our membership program also offers a variety of benefits to help our members grow their business, including technology and a full marketing system.

How did the membership program get started?

The idea for IronPoint programs started with our founder, Scott Boren. While working for a national, captive agent driven company, he began looking to find a way to bring together the best of all three distribution channels (Captive, Independent, and Direct), to help smaller and start-up insurance agencies succeed. To learn more go to the IronPoint History page.

What benefits do members get?

If you elect for the Affiliate Agent program, you will get several benefits, from discounted agency management and rating software, E&O insurance, cost effective email and phone services, the ability to sign-up for the live call lead program, and a full marketing system. Members can also elect to enroll in the lead management, and analytic lead and book management technology.

What kinds of agencies are a good fit?

There is no specific member profile and we have members of various sizes. Many of these members are smaller agencies either in need of markets OR wanting to grow and compete with larger agencies in their marketing territories. Additionally, captive insurance agents, life and financial service agencies and producers without vesting in their book will all find the IronPoint Agent programs extremely valuable. Generally speaking, our agents share an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to achieve a greater than average level of success.

How does membership increase the income and value of an agency?

Because we have been able to negotiate higher commissions or to keep our commission while carriers are cutting those of others, we can pass our stable earning on to you. We also give you the ability to sell products, lines of business, and market into segments that were otherwise closed off to your agency. In addition, we provide you the training to run a better agency, to develop a contemporary digital marketing strategy, and to learn what it takes to create a durable book of business.

How does an agency access the IronPoint Insurance Services companies?

Upon joining, we work to get our agency members appointed with the right mix of carriers based on their needs, geography, target classes of business, etc. Not all agencies will get direct access with all of our partner carriers however, 95% of the business our agency members write is written directly with our company partners. The other 5% is written through the members dedicated underwriter.

For our Referral Agent partners, you will be assigned an underwriting assistant and they can process your submissions. Our submissions are responded to, and in many cases quoted within 24-hours.

How much does it cost to to become a member?

There is a one-time membership fee, but there are NEVER any monthly fees for access to our partner carriers or to use the IronPoint member services.

Members are all free to enroll in several technology or marketing programs, each has a different cost. All technology and marketing systems are optional.

In this way, monies paid by members is not for the benefit of IronPoint, rather, money members spend is used to make them more productive or efficient

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The IronPoint Agent members ship programs are owned and operated by IronPoint Insurance Services (CA License #0G87821). Membership in our programs is not a guarantee of success, or that the member carriers will provide your direct access to their products.