Is Insurance Too Boring for Content Marketing?

The challenge for insurance agency marketers is that you have to present remarkable content that is interesting to your readers, when, on the surface, your product seems to have neither a remarkable or interesting vibe.

How do I get people to take interest in what I’m saying?

To turn the tides of interest in your favor, you need to find your authenticity. This can be found in your story, the way you present yourself or your brand. Each of you, or your brand, have a unique story about its startup, people, or experience. When you start by expressing authenticity into your theme, you begin to become interesting, or even inspiring – at least to a group of people.

Whatever it is you sell, insurance, tax services or socks, the product provided solves a real problem for someone. Heck, even toilet paper solves a very legitimate problem, maybe more important than cool music or smartphones.

If you feel insurance doesn’t inspire one’s imagination, then you need to employ strategies that change that perception, that lift the imagination, and inspire your audience to follow you.

Be the champion, and solve the problem

Good brands and products solve problems, and good content should do the same. Insurance, even as a low engagement marketing segment, has the same opportunities as other brands to share information that improve lives, or help people in one or more of the key, psychological elements, health, wealthy or wise.

When developing content, you should ask and answer these simple questions:

  • What kinds of problems, limitations or emergencies are happening in my community that are solved by my product or brand?
  • Are there particular groups in need of someone to speaks for them?
  • How can I create content that helps them resolve these problems?

Engage your community, don’t be afraid to reach out

Insurance is considered a low engagement category, and, by itself, it doesn’t create excitement the same way as more vibrant categories, like music or fashion. You need to discover ways to engage your readers, your community, or your audience. This means you need to focus your content on your prospects and consumers, not your products or brands. This is how you begin to encourage a conversation that resonates with your community.

In order to reach your audience or community, ask yourself:

  • Who is the customer or audience I want to attract?
  • What is they lifestyle of the person I attract?
  • Do I understand their interests or likes?
  • How can I provide a platform for my audience engage me in a conversational, or entertaining fashion?

Just don’t be boring

It really doesn’t matter what your product is, insurance or iPhones, your presentation should never be boring. You product should always be showcased in the most interesting and inspiring way. Buck convention, look toward other segments for ideas, and do something surprising.

Take some time to create a list of the things you do, those things that best illustrate your company, product or brand, and research what these things really mean … even research their opposites. You can create content around the basic ideas of these core concepts. Is your product foundation to anything else?

Select a content medium that plays to your strengths

It is common to think of content marketing as writing.  Sure, certain elements of content marketing are eBooks, blogs, whitepapers, and various other written media, but the written work isn’t the only form of media you can use to share your content. If you prefer to speak, then use podcasts. Maybe you enjoy being in front of a camera, then video may be a better media format. You need to leverage your unique talents, and promote content that work in you favor.

Encourage a dialogue with your audience

If you remain concerned that you cannot create valuable and relevant content, then you can try borrowing a relevant topic, and encouraging your audience to talk about it – and this doesn’t have to be directly about your brand. It helps if it is related, at least tangentially to what you do, but it may not be necessary. This is what Jos Bernoff, co-author of Groundswell calls “Borrowed Relevance.”

Social media is a great place to utilize this technique because there are many, non-product centric topics available to borrow.

Are you convinced, ready to get started?

Breaking out of your comfort zone, opening a two-way dialogue with your customers and prospect, can be stressful and may open you to criticism, this is true. Your presentation is your key, make sure you distinguish yourself as this is the largest obstacle to overcoming a low engagement or “boring” subject matter. There is a tremendous amount of awful content, and so much of it is product-centric and not engaging, regardless of your marketing category, you have a tremendous opportunity to break from the crowd. You make the difference, you can change the perception of your brand.  Seth Godin may have said it best:

 “If people aren’t talking about you, they’re not talking about you for a reason. And the reason isn’t that they dislike you. They’re not talking about you because you’re boring.”

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